About Us

At National Pain Institute, we treat mild and chronic pain in the most minimally invasive way possible.

Our doctors and professional team members are trained in pain management. We are dedicated to ensuring our patients get back to their healthy lifestyle with no more signs of pain.

Patients trust National Pain Institute for non-surgical alternatives to treat mild and chronic pain. That is why we are the nation’s premier provider of comprehensive pain management services using a multidisciplinary approach.

About Our Philosophy of Pain Care Management

National Pain Institute takes a proactive stance on improving our patient’s lives. We do not just jump right into surgery as the first option. Instead we practice a fully interdisciplinary approach for treating pain without addictive narcotics or surgery. Learn more about our stance on surgery and narcotics.

We fully evaluate patient’s symptoms and medical history, conduct a physical examination, order diagnostic testing, evaluate nervous system dysfunctions, and then determine which approach is best for you—whether that includes supplements, vitamins, lifestyle management, or any of our other services to minimize pain and to stop the process before it turns into chronic pain.

Our doctors and physicians will determine the root cause of the pain and treat the cause instead of just putting a band-aid over the symptoms. A customized pain treatment plan will be created, as well.

National Pain Institute treats a whole host of health conditions. Some of these conditions include arthritis, chronic pain, cancer pain, headaches, neck pain, back pain, neuropathy, tailbone pain, pinched nerve, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. All of our procedures and services are conveniently performed in one of our outpatient facilities.

National Pain Institute in Florida

For those who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle with less pain (without relying on surgery or narcotic pain medications), call National Pain Institute at any of our Florida locations. Call us today to schedule a consultation appointment or find a location near you.