Custom Fit Braces Orthotics in Orlando, FL & All Our Locations

Custom fit braces and orthotics are sometimes necessary to provide relief and comfort to the foot and ankle areas. National Pain Institute provides custom fit bracing and orthotics for patients in Orlando, Port St. Lucie and other neighborhoods in Central and South Florida.

What are Custom Fit Bracing & Orthotics?

Custom fit bracing and orthotics provide various degrees of support for the foot and ankle. Heel inserts, foot inserts, ankle braces and custom fit bracing are just some of the options available for patients at National Pain Institute. Your physician may order a custom ankle-foot brace to help alleviate arthritis, or a heel insert for extra support. Your treatment options will be discussed during your consultation.

What are the Benefits of Custom Fit Bracing & Orthotics?

Unlike standard options, custom fit bracing and orthotics solutions are made to fit your foot. This ensures that it will be able to provide support exactly where you need it, as well as offer pain relief and comfort in the areas where you experience pain.

Am I a Candidate for Custom Fit Bracing & Orthotics?

EMG testing is typically recommended for patients that are experiencing muscle weakness, muscle pain or cramping; tingling, numbness or even phantom limb pain. If you are having any of these symptoms, be sure to let your physician know during your consultation.

What Should I Expect After Custom Fit Bracing & Orthotics?

After your consultation, one of our experienced physicians will be able to help you get fitted for a custom brace or orthotics device.

Custom fit bracing and orthotics can help pain management physicians provide relief for patients that experience chronic pain in the foot, heel or ankle. At National Pain Institute, our caring healthcare doctors provide custom fit bracing and orthotics for patients in Port St. Lucie, Orlando and the surrounding communities of Central and South Florida.