Pinched Nerve Pain Treatment in Orlando, FL & All Our Locations

Most people understand the discomfort that is caused by a pinched nerve in the neck or spine. This is the most common reason that people have back pain. National Pain Institute offers pinched nerve pain treatments for residents of Orlando, as well as other communities in Central and South Florida.

What Is Pinched Nerve Pain?

Pinched nerve pain is an indication that inflammation, a bone spur or other abnormality is creating pressure on a nerve. Pinched nerves most often occur along the spine, but a compressed nerve can develop in almost any part of your body.

What Are the Symptoms of Pinched Nerve Pain?

  • Numbness in one or both arms
  • Sharp pains with certain body movements
  • Pain upon getting out of bed or lying down
  • Tingling or tightness
  • Discomfort that worsens when you turn your head or bend over
  • Weakness and inability to hold objects

What Are the Benefits of Treatment for Pinched Nerve Pain?

Interventional pain management techniques for pinched nerve pain reduce your discomfort to allow time for the pinched nerve to heal. You may find that you need pain medications less often after having one of our treatments for pinched nerve pain.

How is Pinched Nerve Pain Treated?

National Pain Institute specializes in therapies to reduce pinched nerve pain. We may recommend:

These treatment options will help manage your pain for several months.

What Should I Expect After Treatment for Pinched Nerve Pain?

The medications, injections and nerve blocks that we offer for pinched nerve pain may take a few days to reduce your discomfort. The effects of the treatments may last for several months, giving you the opportunity to address the underlying issue that is causing your pain. You will need to continue working with your regular physician and follow through on any treatment plans that are in place, such as physical therapy, rest and limitations to your activities. Given time, the pinched nerve should resolve without further complications.

Pinched nerves are an ordinary part of life, but you can reduce the pain with interventional pain services. At National Pain Institute, our team of pain management physicians offers pinched nerve pain treatment for residents of Orlando, as well as other communities in Central and South Florida. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.