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Such a great company of Doctors! They offer real solutions to get you better! The very best!

Patsy LatimerPatsy Latimer

Dr. V has helped me so much, the pain I suffer is chronic and he has helped me achieve some level of being able to cope. He and his staff are so caring and kind and considerate. The office runs on a tight strict schedule, so don't try to play any games regarding that, they get you in when you are scheduled, I've had to wait very little time each time.

Karen ArmisteadKaren Armistead

I love this office. They are fast, efficient and most of all knowledgeable. Dr. Drew one of the PAs has been a tremendous help in my road to recovery. I am trying to live a life as normal as possible with a high level of pain. Through Drew and Dr. Salinas' help I have gone from a cane to walking on my own. My pain level has improved and I am able to make it through a day with pain below a 5 sometimes. Thank you National Pain institute!

Christine NiezgodzkiChristine Niezgodzki

If there was a higher grade than 5 it would be a ten. Dr Salinas is the best physician I have ever met. He treats you with kindness and respect. He has saved my life and given it back more times than I can count. If you have been living with chronic pain, this is the best place for you to be. Can't thank them enough.

Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson

Don't believe the haters. These people are amazing. Shawna is a fighter, she really went to bat for me when my insurance denied my injection at the last minute. Dr villalobos is fantastic and takes his time. Charlotte is great at the desk.

Cota LacotaCota Lacota

The staff and Doctor's are caring.

Jeanie QuinlinJeanie Quinlin

Dr. Song's office management is awesome. Dr. Aging is Awesome as well. The whole staff is compassionate, caring, friendly and very AWESOME. I have been to this office many times for injections and follow ups. I have never had anything bad too say about Dr. Afong and his staff. Thank you Dr. Afong and staff

Marlene SlaghtMarlene Slaght

So far, I can say I was treated with great care, the staff is very friendly and on the ball. Dr. Afong is very thorough in his assessment and listens extremely well.
I am pleased.

Julie Van FleetJulie Van Fleet

I remain very impressed with the care of the NPI in St. Lucie West. The support staff (all the ladies!) have been attentive and efficient. Thanks for caring!


I recently moved up this way from Boca Raton where I was patient of Prospira/National Pain Institute (NPI) seeing Dr. Cartledge for nearly 7 years. Upon moving here I went to meet and see Dr. Afong. He is a caring professional doctor but the exact opposite of Dr. Cartledge in his demeanor. At the next appointment, I was passed off to the PA Christine which initially did not sit well with me until I realized how much she cared. I have since seen here the last 3 visits or so and she been very helpful. Barb the office manager and as needed, the in-take nurse-is outstanding at making sure your next appointment is established and that you are leaving with your prescriptions. Dr. Afong has a nice touch on administering those somewhat discomforting facet shots. I genuinely dislike having to take any more medication than is necessary and though I was bit resistant to Dr. Afong making a few changes in my typical med's-I must admit his suggestion of moving to the 'ER' type medication during the day has worked. Dr. C. and Christine are excellent-and very attentive and caring to your needs and pain levels. NPI is not a 'pill mill' facility. They strive to help you deal with your pain on a daily basis and will NOT just simply write you a script for an oxy pain med and send you on your way. Dr. Cartledge helped me live my daily life WITHOUT any of the oxy drugs my previous pain med center had me on. Over several years he helped me refine down to the absolute minimal number of medications I need. Dr. Afong and his medical support staff are of a similar mindset and will not just see you for 5 minutes and send you out the door with pain med script. They go over where your pain level has been-how you are doing right then while seeing them and answer any questions you may have. They listen carefully and care about you. I would not hesitate sending family or very close friends to NPI in either Delray or PSL.

Ann FitzpatrickAnn Fitzpatrick

Five Stars - I have being seeing Dr. Sherman for the past year or so and his treatments have made a very great difference in my life. My pain is greatly reduced, allowing me to enjoy so much more than I was able to for many years. Thank you so much Dr. Sherman!.

randy parduerandy pardue

I have being seen by Doctor Sherman since 2009. Dr Sherman and his staff are the greatest! Dr Sherman and Raul, his PA ,listens to your pain problems then discusses the best way they can help you, either thru prescribed drugs, injections, operations, or heat/cold therapy. Both are committed and compassionate to your concerns as well as all the staff. Everyone there understand that pain can be very difficult to deal with on a day to day basis and they do everything they can to help you from making sure your script is correct and signed, your next appointment is scheduled, and any other paperwork that is needed or completed, for example, a MRI or CAT Scan is required to make a better assessment for your pain management or for a candidate for a operation which I had done which the results were fantastic. Dr Sherman and his whole staff do an outstanding job every single day and I'm sure that other doctor's practices could learn a thing or two from him and his staff!

Tim HearnTim Hearn

Dr. Scott Sherman has been my pain specialist for many years due to spinal and arthritis issues. He is a great doctor. While we may not always agree, I trust him. He will let you discuss your point of view, but in the end, he will do what is best for you. He will also not be dictated on what meds to give by an insurance company. He goes with sound decision and will do the best for you, because he actually cares.
I can say enough about his office and the staff. They are not just professional but personal as well. You are not a number in this office, you are a patient, which I don't experience a lot when I go to doctors.

Kathryn McHanKathryn McHan

Dr. Kate has done wonders for my back. She tells you exactly what she can do for you. They also let you make payments on your copay when you have a procedure done. The staff are pleasant and I've never been ignored or have them just get what they can out of me and then say can't do anymore like other places I've been. Would 100% recommend them!!!

Sam BarlowSam Barlow

I have been a patient here for a few years. Dr. Sajan and the staff are wonderful. I always feel comfortable and they listen to and address any concerns I have. They have also advocated for me when my insurance has tryed to deny a service to get the treatment I needed.

Mike SanchoMike Sancho

I've received exemplary service at both the Turkey Lake and Delray offices for the past 7 years. I would like to express my thoughts of the Winter Park office. After moving back to Orlando from Miami I switched to the Winter Park office. The doctor decided that i should not be on the medications i was taking and wanted to make changes. The doctor didn't want to listen and take in account that i was between jobs so making drastic changes to my medications would end in disaster. So for 5 months I was stuck in bed and in very bad pain, fatigue and now also have been diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis which after stopping all medications caused the worsted experience ever. My young children wonder why daddy is not playing with them anymore. My son asked me that he wishes I could play with him like we used to. So one doctor was so committed to their decision despite what happens to the patient afterward. Now that I have been taken out of commission, difficult to work like this in this country, take care of my family and be an active part of the community I must struggle. These medications, I know are dangerous, but where the last type to be tried by doctors 10 years ago. I really hope that NPI will consider my opinion and consider the patient personal life. Also that if the patient doesn't have insurance for one or two months they at least still see the patient instead of turning them away. Medications prescribed by NPI are dangerous and have negative effects after being stopped. Leaving a patient dead in the water is dangerous to the patient. Please review. -MS

Harriett BentleyHarriett Bentley

Amazing people! Staff is so professional. Love Dr Sajan! They actually gave me hope.

Margaret BradishMargaret Bradish

Dr. Cherian Sajan, MD at the Lee Road office: I REALLY like this doctor! He actually sat down with me, discussed past treatment plans that I had with other pain management doctors, reassessed my current pain level, and chief complaints. Came up with a plan of action, to start immediately, and prescribed Norco, to use for breakthrough pain. He says I have spinal arthritis and sciatica combined, and wants to do injections specific to the sciatica first, as my last arthritis injection was in April, with my previous pain management doctor. The fact that he sat down and thoroughly explained his procedures, treatments and even used a skeleton model to display where he will do these new injections, I was in tears of joy. Unlike the other doctors I fired, this one took time to make sure I knew what he plans to do and fully understood his plans. Plus he could tell that I wasn't a drug seeker, or hypochondriac. I appreciated the extensive explanations he gave, as well as him allowing me time to talk. I can see why he came highly recommended and his office had such high reviews. They also do surgeries, IV therapy, and physical therapy in his office. An all in one stop, sort to speak.

Sarah H.Sarah H.

So the staff assisting the physicians aren't the brightest bulbs in the box, but they are decently nice.

My appointment happened to be with Dr. Cartledge... Read More

Miriam L.Miriam L.

Excellent Doctors and staff ! My pain almost gone after so many years bouncing against Pain Management offices.
Dr A Fong is the best ! Read More

Kimberly S.Kimberly S.

National Pain Institute has been my pain care provider since I moved here in 2012. Dr. Deluca is a fantastic Doctor. More so I would like to comment on the... Read More

Ken S.Ken S.

Great staff and Dr Scott Sherman is great as a pain doctor. Place is very clean and professional on all fronts. Easy to make appointments, paperwork, call... Read More