Targeted Medication Delivery in Orlando, FL & All Our Locations

Targeted medication delivery is a strategic way to target chronic pain through two different forms of pain relief treatment. National Pain Institute provides targeted medication delivery for patients in Orlando, Port St. Lucie and other neighborhoods in Central and South Florida.

What is Targeted Medication Delivery?

At National Pain Institute, targeted medication therapy for men and women is given in two forms: spinal cord stimulator therapy or intrathecal pumps.

Spinal cord stimulator therapy requires a battery-operated device surgically implanted below the skin, which dispenses electric pulses to the spine via implanted wires. The electrical pulses help to break up the pain signals that move along the path from the brain and your spinal cord. This method of targeted pain delivery allows patients to have a fuller, more vibrant life and is effective in treating chronic pain that extends to the legs, arms, and back.

An intrathecal pump delivers carefully administered doses of pain medication, such as morphine, to the spinal fluid via a catheter. This targeted medication delivery also helps patients who live with severe chronic back pain, nerve pain or other injuries to feel relief.

What are the Benefits of Targeted Medication Delivery?

Targeted medication delivery, such as an intrathecal pump or spinal cord stimulator therapy, can provide patients with more mobility and the ability to participate in daily activities. Additionally, these treatments can be personalized to dispense relief at specific hours of the day or throughout the day.

Am I a Candidate for Targeted Medication Delivery?

Targeted medication delivery is a viable option for men and women who have tried other pain management alternatives with little success. Depending on your symptoms and concerns, our physicians at National Pain Institute will be able to create a custom treatment plan for you.

What Should I Expect After Targeted Medication Delivery?

After your consultation, one of our experienced doctors will be able to get you started with an intrathecal pump or spinal cord stimulator therapy. Both procedures are minimally invasive, and you may experience some pain or discomfort following the placement of the pump or stimulator. Once the device has been placed, you will be able to feel relief.  

Targeted medication delivery such as spinal cord stimulator therapy or an intrathecal pump can help pain management physicians provide relief for patients that experience chronic pain in the back, legs, and arms. At National Pain Institute, our caring healthcare doctors provide targeted medication delivery for patients in Port St. Lucie, Orlando and the surrounding communities of Central and South Florida.