Trigger Point Injections in Orlando, FL & All Our Locations

Trigger points are indications of damage to the connective tissue that attaches the muscles to the bones. National Pain Institute offers trigger point injections for residents of Orlando, as well as other communities in Central and South Florida.

What Are Trigger Point Injections?

Trigger point injections are recommended for the treatment of chronic pain that is associated with damaged connective tissue, typically caused by strains and overuse. The trigger points develop where the muscle connects to the bone. Small tears in the tissue may be caused by overuse and strain.

What Are the Benefits of Trigger Point Injections?

Trigger points are a type of latent pain that only occurs when pressure is placed on the point of connective tissue damage. This type of discomfort may not respond well to medications and other conservative therapies. Trigger point injections alleviate the discomfort so you can partake of physical therapy, rest and other treatments that will help the tissue heal.

Am I a Candidate for Trigger Point Injections?

Some signs of trigger point injuries are:

  • Small lumps or knots in the muscle tissue.
  • Tenderness that appears when pressure applied to the area.
  • Stretching sensation when using the muscle.
  • General feeling of muscle tightness.
  • Sharp pains that occur with muscle use.
  • Localized muscle soreness.
  • Pain in another area of the body when the trigger point is irritated.

How Are Trigger Point Injections Performed?

Trigger points not only affect your muscles, but may also irritate the nerves around the connective tissue. This can cause localized and referred pain. Trigger points injections numb the nerves and disrupt pain signals.

What Is the Recovery Like After Trigger Point Injections?

You spend about 30 minutes relaxing in our recovery area before being able to return home. We recommend that you do not massage the area where the injections were administered. If you have any discomfort, you can apply ice packs at 20-minute intervals.

What Should I Expect After Trigger Point Injections?

The anesthetic in the medication works for a few hours, and the steroids start to reduce inflammation after two to three days.

At National Pain Institute, our team of pain management physicians offers trigger point Injections for residents of Orlando, as well as other communities in Central and South Florida. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.