X-rays in Orlando, FL & All Our Locations

X-rays are another type of diagnostic tool that allows the medical professionals at National Pain Institute to evaluate the cause of pain throughout the body. National Pain Institute provides X-rays for men and women in Orlando, Port St. Lucie and other neighborhoods in Central and South Florida.

What is an X-ray?

An X-ray is a type of imaging that uses electromagnetic waves to take photographs of the inside of the human body. X-rays will show up in black and white, as different structures absorb small amounts of radiation. National Pain Institute uses X-rays to help diagnose different types of pain inside the body.

What are the Benefits of an X-ray?

An X-ray is particularly helpful in diagnosing pain in the bones, chest, and abdomen. If you have a broken toe, wrist, leg or arm, the fracture will show up on an X-ray. Lung infections, unusual breast tissue, an enlarged heart will also be detected with an X-ray.

Am I a Candidate for an X-ray?

If you are experiencing severe pain, particularly in your bones, chest or abdomen, we may recommend an X-ray to get a better look at what’s going on internally.

What Should I Expect After an X-ray?

Following your X-ray, you are able to return to everyday activities immediately. If you received a contrast medium before the X-ray, drink plenty of clear liquids to help the body naturally flush this out of your system. The X-ray is sent to a radiologist, who will carefully review the images and send their findings to your doctor. The doctor will schedule a follow up to review your results and a course of treatment.

An X-ray allows pain management physicians to diagnose specific conditions of chronic pain that are not possible with other innovative tests and technologies. At National Pain Institute, our caring healthcare doctors offer X-rays for patients in Port St. Lucie, Orlando and the surrounding communities of Central and South Florida.